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How to: Digital Storytelling

  • Coming soon to a lesson near you, we're going to explore how to tell a story like Ken Burns.

  • Click here to see & hear my digital story performance of Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with feathers". 

Digital Story - Poetry Performance

Just what is a digital story performance of a poem? Click here to view a sample.  

To create your own digital story poetry performance, just follow these steps:

 Step #1

Choose  & Analyze

  • Respond to the poem using the "Digital Story Poetry Performance Draft" (see your course folder within your Google Drive). It would be a good idea to create a new folder within your course folder. You could call it: Digital Story Poetry Performance.  

 Step # 2


  • Complete Step # 2 of your "Digital Story Poetry Performance Draft":Research to locate digital images. Use the Snipping Tool to help you place an image opposite the poem's lines/phrases which you want to associate with that image. (Don’t forget to add an image for your title slide.)
  • IMPORTANT:  Keep track of the sources for your images. You will need to cite each one.

 Step # 3


You can complete the elements of this step in any order. Here's what you need to get done:

Record Your Performance of the Poem

  • Using a hard copy of your poetry performance draft, find a quiet place to create an MP3 recording of the poem in your own voice.
  • You should begin your recording with these words (replacing names and titles where necessary):
    • "Title of Poem" by Poet's Name
    • A Digital Story Performance by Your Name
  • When you're done, copy this MP3 file to your Digital Story Poetry Performance folder.

Select Music

  • Use Soundzabound to find a soundtrack for your performance. 
  • Download your selection and place the MP3 in your Digital Story Poetry Performance folder. 
  • (Note: You may also use an MP3 which you legally own for this;however, it must be an MP3 and NOT an MP4.)

Create a Works Cited

  • Return to the document entitled "Digital Story Poetry Performance Draft" to complete a "Works Cited" for your film. This will document, acknowledge and give credit to the creators of the poem, images and music used in your digital story.
  • NOTE: You do not need to cite music from Soundzabound or Clipart since it is royalty free.

Create JPEGs

  • Download your digital story performance draft as a Word document.  Save it to your desktop.
  • Create a folder and place it on your desktop. 
  • Then, right click on each image in your document and save each image as a JPEG to the desktop folder. (Save each file as a number to preserve the sequence.)
  • Place all of these JPEGs together in one folder and then copy the folder to your Digital Story Poetry Performance folder located on your Google Drive.

Step # 4


  • Use Audacity to combine voice/sound/music recordings into one MP3 file.
  • As you do this, make sure the music track extends far past the voice track. This will ensure that PhotoStory doesn't cut off your poetry performance prematurely. (If you don't have Audacity at home, click here for a free download.)
  • Name this MP3 file: "Combo Voice and Music" and then copy the folder to your Digital Story Poetry Performance folder for safe keeping.

Need a refresher on Audacity? Check out this video: 

Step # 5


  • Open Photo-Story and follow the directions (skip over the "record your voice" step).
  • If you have trouble using any of the resources in your Google folder, download it to the desktop and try again.
  • Create a title "slide" out of your first image.NOTE: The words on the title slide are the ONLY words in your digital story.
  • Add your completed MP3 recording (voice & music combined) to Photo Story.
  • Edit & refine & "publish" your completed digital story.
  • Save a copy of your completed digital story (movie file) to your Digital Story Poetry Performance folder located in your Google Drive.

Scoring Rubric for Digital Story Poetry Performance








Literacy through Reading: Performance communicates an engaged and in-depth understanding of the poem.

Reflects an engaged and in-depth understanding of the text.

Reflects a developing understanding of the text.

Reflects an adequate but limited understanding of the text.

Reflects a minimal and disengaged understanding of the text.

Does not reflect or fails to make a meaningful effort to understand text.

Literacy through Writing: "Title Slide"  follows all assignment conventions.

Demonstrates mastery in word choice, conventions, and voice/tone.

Effective- revealing only minor, occasional lapses in conventions, word choice and voice/tone.

Needs improvement and reveals consistent errors in conventions, word choice and voice/tone.

Significant and consistent errors in conventions, word choice and voice/tone reflect minimal effort.

Fails to make a meaningful effort in conventions, word choice and voice.

Literacy through the Arts: Images and music convey an understanding of the poem that goes beyond simply illustrating the poem's words and phrases.

Demonstrates careful planning- shows creativity, originality, effort, and pride well beyond the requirement.

Demonstrates some creativity, originality, effort, and pride.

Demonstrates lack of planning, creativity, originality; completed but could have been improved with more effort…somewhat careless.

Completed but shows little effort; displayed little evidence of planning, creativity, effort, craftsmanship, and pride

Incomplete or minimally done; no evidence of planning, craftsmanship, or effort.

Londonderry High School School-Wide Rubrics: Specified for Our Course Curriculum.

To receive credit, all responses must be authentic and original. Approved digital resources are linked to  our class website. See the LHS Code of Academic Integrity.