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Discussion Boards

 Discussion Board Rules: 

  • Limit your responses to the discussion topic(s).

  • Keep in mind that discussion boards are recorded academic discussions; therefore, your academic integrity will be reflected (and recorded) here.

    WARNING: Responses which indicate a failure to follow these rules will not only result in a grade of a zero for the discussion board assignment but will also result in disciplinary action which may include serious administrative action.

Explore the rubric below to and learn how to earn an "A" for this assignment.

Scoring Rubric for Online Discussion Board Assignments


Londonderry High School School-Wide Rubrics: Specified for Our Course Curriculum.






Given specific and unique assignment conventions, written expression…



…reflects a developing, engaged and in-depth understanding of the text/film.

…reflects a developing and engaged understanding of the text/film.

…reflects an adequate but limited understanding of the text/film.

…reflects a minimal and disengaged understanding of the text/film.

…does not reflect or fails to make a meaningful effort to understand text/film.


…indicates an understanding and respect of others' points of view.

…indicates an accurate understanding of others' points of view.

…indicates an adequate understanding of others' points of view.

…indicates a minimal understanding of others' points of view.

…indicates no meaningful understanding of others' points of view.