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Tracking Thoreau- Nature Journaling


Henry David Thoreau was one of American literature's most significant writers and thinkers. His work continues to impact writers and philosophers to this day.


Tracking Thoreau – Introduction

Tracking Thoreau: Tips & Tricks

Tracking Thoreau: Sample Journal

Tracking Thoreau Final Project

Nature Journal Scoring Rubric



 Once every month throughout the academic year, you will have the opportunity to explore nature. In certain months, we will do this together, heading off to the fields, forests and ponds behind LHS to see what we they have to teach. In other months, you will explore nature independently. Each opportunity to add to your nature journal is another opportunity to gain the personal experience necessary to begin to truly understand Henry David Thoreau, his world and his Transcendental philosophy.

Nature journaling will also provide us with the opportunity to further develop our observation skills - an essential component of great writing. 

Every time we explore nature and record our observations, we will also respond to selected passages from Thoreau's Walden. This will give us the opportunity to ponder the connection between our observations and Thoreau's transcendental philosophy.

In May/June, we will complete the Final Nature Journaling Project. In this project, you will communicate your understanding of Thoreau's transcendental philosophy through the prism of your nature journaling experiences.

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