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Revisions of All Formal Papers: Thesis & Reflection

You Must Follow Each One of These Steps to Have Your Revision Accepted.


Step # 1  Access Your Scored Draft and Original Draft

Go to your Londonderry Apps Google-Drive and look in the "Shared with Me" section. This is where you'll find a PDF of your scored paper and your original Google-Doc.

  • Print a copy of the PDF and hold on to it. You'll need it later.
  • Read through the digital copy of the PDF. The comments and links will helpyou revise your Google-Doc copy of the paper.

NOTE: Essay tests cannot be revised.

Step # 2   Carefully Read through Comments and Traits Rubric Score

Keep in mind that Mrs. Juster's job is to respond to your paper as a reader. She is not your editor. Most of the comments will be related to idea development and organization. Some comments will focus on voice/tone, word choice and conventions (grammar).

Sometimes, a paper just needs some work on word choice or some small errors in conventions. If , however, the paper needs more extensive work in terms of idea development and organization, then you should focus on revising extensively and thoroughly.

When an error in conventions is identified, it is the writer's job to use the digital resources to review/discover the rule or supports. Writers must look beyond the inserted comments for similar errors.  

Step # 3   Revise Heading & Title

 As you revise, be sure to:

  • Change the date in the MLA heading to reflect the date of your revision. 
  • Change the title so it includes the original title but also indicates which revision this is.

Step # 4   Highlight Changes

Print your revision. Compare this to the previous version  and then use an "old-school" highlighter (not a digital one) to reflect all the changes included in the CURRENT revision. 

Step # 5   Meet with Mrs. Juster for an individual writer's conference. (There will be some class time set aside for this but you may need to stay after school for a conference.) 

Mrs. Juster will score your revision at this conference. Bring a hard copy of your original SCORED final draft (as well as all other copies of your document) to this conference. 

NOTE: You must have this 1:1 conference in order to receive a new score.


Your revision will not be scored and your grade will not improve if every part of every step is not followed.

If you need additional revisions, just follow all of the steps above and have the conference (in-class or out of class) before deadline posted on your class syllabus.