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Academic Integrity

When completing any course work, be sure to follow the Londonderry High School Academic Code of Integrity (below).  How does the LHS Academic Code of Integrity apply to our course work?  This curriculum course work has been designed to help you build your critical thinking skills. The unauthorized use of  so-called "study guides", such as Sparknotes or Cliff's Notes, will undermine your development of these skills and reflects a lack of ethics and academic honesty on your part. Essay tests, reader's responses, presentations and papers are tools designed to reflect your thinking and understanding. A "study guide" reflects someone else's thinking and understanding. It is, therefore, a form of cheating. In addition, when researching, only valid, reliable and accurate sources are acceptable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source; however, it may lead you to a valid, reliable and accurate source.

Londonderry High School


Academic Integrity is at the foundation of any community of learners. Londonderry High School follows our Academic Code of Integrity, created by students, which states:

We, as members of the Londonderry High School community, value personal integrity and believe that all forms of cheating and/or plagiarism are not socially acceptable and will not be tolerated. Any violation of this Academic Code of Integrity is a failure to follow the reasonable rules of the school and will result in the following:

• A zero for the assignment for all parties involved

• Parental notification via email or phone call

• A Saturday detention for all parties involved

• Revocation/denial of membership in any honor society for that year

In addition, students need to understand that technology, including but not limited to translators, cell phones, graphing calculators, and the internet are resources and should be used responsibly. Listed below are some examples that would be considered violating our Academic Code of Integrity:

• Copying or using other’s work (homework, labs, etc) as “your” work when instructed (or the expectation is) to do the assignment by yourself (Both parties would be guilty).

• Discussing test material with students who have not yet taken the test.

• Using any type of illegal aide during tests and quizzes (ie “cheat sheets” or using a graphing calculator without permission).

• Using a translator to write your work in a foreign language.