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Candidate Selection Process

What's due when? Coming soon - the Fall 2017 Candidate Selection Process Calendar. 

 Step 1

Determination of Eligibility

The adviser develops a list of academically eligible students (seniors in the fall semester; sophomores and juniors in the spring) using the most recent weighted cumulative GPA. The adviser then officially invites these students to become candidates for membership in our chapter of the National Honor Society.   (See Article IV, Section 3 of our chapter bylaws for more details.)

Step 2 

Candidate Materials

Candidates must digitally complete the Candidate Record and the Candidate Essay on or before the set deadline. Additionally, the candidate’s application may be considered invalid and incomplete if a hard copy of the completed Candidate Signatures Form is not submitted to the adviser on or before the set deadline.

(The advisor will provide each candidate with the necessary digital files via the candidate's Londonderry Google-Apps.)


 Step 3

Faculty Evaluation of Candidates

The adviser provides each member of the faculty with a Candidate Evaluation Form. Faculty members who have had professional interaction with candidates (i.e., as a teacher, adviser, coach, etc.) complete their evaluations.  

 Step 4

Faculty Council Review of Candidates

The adviser then provides the Faculty Council (five faculty members appointed by the principal) with the results as of the faculty evaluations as well as copies of candidate records, essays and signatures.

After a review of each candidate’s record, essay, signatures, faculty evaluation, and other relevant information, the Faculty Council will determine, by a majority vote, which candidates fully meet the selection criteria for membership.

Note: The chapter adviser is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Faculty Council.

 Step 5


Notification of:  

  • Candidate Selection
  • Candidate Non-Selection

Candidates selected for membership by a majority vote will be officially notified of their selection by letter distributed via email.

Candidates not selected for membership by a majority vote will be notified by letter distributed via email. This letter will identify for the candidate which of the selection criteria were determined to be below the membership standards.

Candidates not selected for membership may appeal the decision of the Faculty Council within the time frame indicated in the non-selection letter.

Email will be sent to the address the student supplies in the Candidate Record.

 Step 6

Candidates Become Members

Candidates become members when inducted at a special ceremony with the exception of senior year candidates who will be granted full membership status and assume membership obligations once selected. These seniors will be inducted in the following spring.