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Essay Tests

All of our "tests" will be essay tests. This form of assessment helps us meet and reflect the standards and best practice methods as defined by the National Council of Teachers of English as well as the Common Core. This form of assessment offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking skills.

 To prepare for an essay test, you must:

  • read the literary work (and/or view the play)
  • complete all required reader's/viewer's responses 
  • participate in class discussions and reading workshop activities
  • read and respond to other "texts"  encountered while reading literary work or viewing play

Scoring Rubric for Essay Tests of Literary Works: Junior English Course Competencies One and Four






Essay “demonstrates clear and consistent mastery, although it may have a few minor errors” in the following:

Essay “demonstrates a reasonably consistent mastery, although it may have occasional errors or lapses in quality” in the following:

Essay “demonstrates adequate mastery, although it will have lapses in quality” in the following:

Essay demonstrates consistent flaws in one or more of the following:

Essay fails to show mastery of any of the following:

  • A well- developed thesis which clearly answers question/prompt.
  • A strong use of organization.
  • An in-depth and sophisticated understanding of the critical lens article(s) and literary works
  • Carefully chosen and cited passages which offer evidence of support (using MLA citation guidelines).
  • Identification of stylistic or persuasive elements (word choice, appeals to emotion to add power to the ideas expressed) contained in literary works
  •  A “strong command of the conventions of standard written English” (SAT Essay Scoring).

Essays not written on the essay assignment will receive a score of zero.

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