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How to: Work with Google Drive Course Folders

Log-On Directions

Click here to access our GoogleApps for Education. Your user name is the same as your log-on at school. If you have forgotten your password, see Mrs. Juster or drop her an email: 

Get Ready...


Go to your Londonderry Apps Google Drive and look in the “shared with me section”.


This is where you will find a course folder created just for you. The name of this folder is a blend of your name, the course name and the semester name.



 Get Set...

Right-click on your course folder and select "Add to My Drive". This will move your folder to your drive and make it easier to find.

 When you look inside your folder, you will see a series of sub-folders. This is where you’ll move assignments that have been scored by me.



When we are working on an assignment such as a digital reader’s response or nature journal, it will appear in your course folder. 


Getting Credit

Each assignment must include your name. To do this, right-click on the file and select RENAME.

DO NOT delete the class period designation or assignment title. Replace any file information such as: .docx  or .rtf  with your name.  

Leave all items (shown in red below) and begin writing your name immediately after the underscore.

B_Nature Journal-January_Watson, Mary



Due Dates & Handing-In Work

When an assignment is "due", I will remove the specific assignment file from your folder. It, in essence, disappears. It will reappear in your course folder when it has been scored.



When I assess your work, I will provide you with feedback in the form of comments and/or a rubric. This will  help you understand not only what you did well but also what could have been better and why/how it could have been better.


Why Are We Doing This?

When our work is completed digitally, we have the opportunity to create digital portfolios of all of our class work and homework.

With a digital portfolio, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a feedback loop - continuously offering you the resources necessary to reflect on your academic performance. This will help you improve or sustain your academic performance and add depth to your academic growth.