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Keeping Track of Member Obligations with X2 

Every member of NHS maintains his/her status as a "member in good standing" by fulfilling member obligations annually. (See Chapter Bylaws, Article VI.)
Through X2, members can keep track of which obligations have or haven't been fulfilled and figure out their current membership status. 
If a member fails to meet his/her obligations, the member will face disciplinary action.  (See Chapter Bylaws, Article X.)


ur chapter uses X2 as a tool for members to keep track of member obligations such as: membership status, dues, chapter meetings, individual service projects, chapter service and more

To learn how to use X2 to track your progress with membership obligations, view this video:

NHS Member Status is recorded in X2 as  an "assignment". This is private information shared with the member his/her parents and the faculty council.  

In X2, NHS extends throughout each semester as a full-year "course". For this reason, you must select "All" for the Grade Term and "All" for the category when viewing your NHS data in X2 (see below).

Keep in mind that when the "score" for an assignment in X2 is followed by the word "Exempt" in parentheses, this simply means that the "assignment" is not calculated as a grade. It is exempt from being calculated as part of your GPA.

Using X2 to Find Your GPA

Twice each year – once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester, each member's current cumulative/weighted GPA is reviewed.

This review includes all academic semesters up to but not including the current semester which is in-progress. 

This review reveals which chapter members are maintaining our chapter’s standard for scholarship - a minimum 3.75 cumulative/weighted GPA. 

To find your GPA in your X2, go to the My Details section and click on "Grade Point Summary" (see example on the left).

Then select "Semester GPA" (see example on the left).

Lastly, look over to the right of your screen to view your current weighted cumulative GPA (see example circled in red on the left).