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Sample Nature Journal

Here's a sample of a great nature journal entry (excluding the reflection):

Part I: Observe

Time of Day


In the space provided below, describe what you observed and explain how these observations indicate a particular time of day. Do not use a watch for this.

Mid-morning -the sun is only about half-way up in the sky.


Location/Habitat for this Entry

In the space provided below, describe where you were for your nature journal. Be as detailed and precise as possible.

 The fields behind LHS and around the pond, west of the track.




In the space provided below, describe the weather you observed during your nature journal experience. Which activities would be perfect for the weather? What type of clothing would be best? How long could you remain outside in this weather?

 Warm and sunny - warm enough  for a swim.


Focus Point

(In the space below, copy/paste a photo or sketch (converted to JPEG) of your focus point for this journal entry. Use the descriptors below to add a detailed description of your focus point.)





(Most things in nature are more than one color, if you observe closely. Your description must indicate the varieties of colors and their location on your focus point.)

This leaf had several different shades of green with the veins and edges of the leaf being a different shade of green from the main body of the leaf.



(Your description of size must be detailed. To do this, compare your focus point to a common object.)

About the size of the palm of my hand.



(You don’t have to touch your focus point to describe what the texture appears to be. Your description of must be detailed and must reference every aspect of your focus point which may have several different textures.)

Smooth on the top, jagged on the edges and ribbed on the underside.


Specific Location



(Where did you find your focus point? Was it at the base of a tree or on top of a rock wall? Where, exactly, was it? Be specific and detailed. )

This leaf was on the end of a low hanging branch  of a  tree near the pond. 



(How common/uncommon is your focus point? Did you see many others just like it during your nature journal experience? How unique is it? )

There are thousands of leaves like this one on this tree and many trees just like it nearby.