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Digital Semester Portfolio Project

Each semester, you will create and maintain a digital semester portfolio. Everything you create in class - reader's responses, essay tests, projects, rough drafts, final drafts, revision - will be included in your portfolio.

I will work with you in the development of your portfolio - adding feedback (comments, rubrics, scores) to help you understand what you have done well and where you could do even better.

This will offer you the opportunity to set personal academic goals and engage in ongoing reflection on the development of your skills in the standards areas of: Reading, Writing and Listening/Speaking/Viewing (L/S/V).

Get Started...

At the start of each semester, you will learn/review how to work with your Google-Drive Course Folders


Create your semester digital portfolio and set personal academic goals. See instructions here.

Finish Strong...

As the semester comes to a close, you will finish your semester portfolio by completing the semester poetry project and your self-evaluation for reading, writing, and listening/speaking/viewing.

To complete the self-evaluation write your response in the space indicated on each portfolio page (reading, writing, listening/speaking/viewing). Your response should include a reflection on your work this semester. Let your reader know where you have experienced growth and where you'd like to continue to improve in each area (reading, writing, listening/speaking/viewing).

To complete the poetry project, go to the page titled "Semester Poetry Project" and do the following:

  • Add a text box. Include the heading indicated below. This is your heading so feel free to make the font as creative as you'd like. Below your heading,  copy/paste the full text of a poem from Poetry 180 (Poems # 1 - 90 for the fall and Poems # 91 - 180 for the spring). When you copy/paste, be sure to maintain the poem's original formatting and include the title and poet's name.

This semester, my favorite poem from Poetry 180 was…


  • Add another text box and write your response to the poem in the box. Your response should include the following: 
    • explanation of your reason(s) for selecting the poem
    • your interpretation/analysis of the poem supported by specific lines/imagery from the poem

I selected this poem because...


  • Next, add graphics/images. The number of graphics/images is up to you. Every graphic/image must be related to the theme/subject matter of the poem.


Portfolio Scoring Rubric


HS School-Wide Rubrics Specified for Our Course Curriculum



Below Expectations


Reflects a developing, engaged and in-depth understanding of the text(s).

Reflects a developing and engaged understanding of the text(s).

Reflects an adequate but limited understanding of the text(s).

Reflects a minimal and disengaged understanding of the text(s).

Does not reflect or fails to make a meaningful effort to understand text(s).


Demonstrates mastery of written expression. All assignment conventions followed precisely.

Effectively uses written expression with only minor occasional errors in assignment conventions.

Written expression needs some improvement. Errors in assignment conventions are repeated and persistent.

Written work needs improvement. Errors reflect a minimal effort/understanding of assignment conventions.

Written work fails to reflect a meaningful effort and/or failure to improve consistent or repeated errors.


Effectively organizes information.

Organizes information.

Organizes information.

Demonstrates limited organization of information.

Demonstrates no organization of information.


Demonstrates careful planning…shows creativity, originality, effort, and pride well beyond the requirement.

Demonstrates … some creativity, originality, effort, and pride.

Demonstrates lack of planning, creativity, originality; completed but could have been improved with more effort…somewhat careless.

Completed but shows little effort; displayed little evidence of planning, creativity, effort, craftsmanship, and pride

Incomplete or minimally done; no evidence of planning, craftsmanship, or effort.