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September Nature Journal

Focus Point


Select a natural “being” (such as a wildflower, leaf or tree). If your “being” is large, focus-in on a small part of the “being” so you can reveal as much detail as possible.

“Frame” a portion of the sky (N,S,W,E) and then note the wind speed and direction. Wait ten minutes and repeat the process. Be sure to “frame” the sky in the same direction. Note any differences and suggest possible reasons for any change or lack of change.

Select a “being” whose identity seems changed/transfigured by the current season.



Thoreau went to the woods by Walden Pond to learn about nature and himself. He observed nature and reflected on what it had to teach him about life and his place in the universe. 

Read the following passage from Walden,  Thoreau's account of his two years in the woods, and reflect upon Thoreau's experiences as a nature journaler and your own.

"Our village life would stagnate if it were not for the unexplored forests and meadows which surround it" (Thoreau).


Learn more about Thoreau and his world by exploring the texts linked here.