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The Way to an A...Creating Your Semester Plan

Download a PDF of the plan here 

Step # 1 Explore a Work of American Literature

What should you choose? Your options are related to your course curriculum. To discover your options, review your Performance Task Tracker inside your course folder located in your Google Drive.


Step # 2 Respond, Research, and Reflect

Respond to the literature with formative assessments such as:

  • Authentic, original and digital reader’s/writer’s notebook revealing ongoing dialog with texts, research notes, prompt responses and early drafts.
  • Reading/Writing Conferences
  • Viewing journal responses recorded in reader’s/writer’s digital notebook
  • Running records of formal academic discourse- in class and discussion boards.
  • Recorded book group discussions.
  • Running records of performance with digital tasks.


Step # 3 Conference

Engage in regular reader’s/writer’s conferences to review formative assessments and determine readiness to demonstrate competency. In these conferences, you review your Performance Task Tracker and select a summative assessment such as:

  • Reflection Paper
  • Essay Test Response
  • Multi-Genre Research Paper
  • Thesis-Based Research Paper
  • Kiosk Presentation
  • Digital Story Poetry Performance
  • Podcast: Research
  • Podcast: Play/Film Review
  • Podcast: Book Review
  • Digital Semester Portfolio


Step # 4 Demonstrate Competency

Provide evidence of competency performance with a summative assessment.


Step # 5 Create a Trend

With each summative assessment, you earn a score for one or more competencies. As you complete additional assessments, your scores will reflect a trend. Your final competency score for the semester is a reflection of the trend. It is not an average of your scores.


The Way to an “A”

To improve a trend, you can revise, reassess or complete a new summative assessment. To do this, have a conference with Mrs. Juster who will guide you through the formative assessment work you need to do to demonstrate readiness for revision, reassessment or a new summative assessment.