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Tips & Tricks

A nature journal is both a visual and a written record of your observations and thoughts. Consider these words from author and naturalist C.W. Leslie:

"The heart of nature journaling is the learning of observation skills, not drawing skills."

"Nature journal drawings are meant to provide visual evidence of what (you have) seen and learned."

Before you head outside, keep in mind these nature journaling tips and tricks...

Think Small

Focus on something that could fit in the palm of your hand. Detail will be more easily captured and observed this way.


Check out the vein structure of a leaf or the limb structure of a tree. Are the limbs opposite each other or do they alternate? Check out the edge of a leaf. Is it smooth or toothed?

Lean on Me

Carry something to lean on so you can make notes to hold on to your thinking until you can access your Google-Drive and write up your nature journal entry. 


Find one thing to focus on at a time. Like that tree? Focus on a branch and then focus in on a leaf on that branch.

Digital Transfer

Use a smart phone or camera to capture your nature journal focus (JPEG or sketch) then upload/download it to your laptop where you can use the snipping tool to copy/paste it into your nature journal.

Not sure how toget a photo from your phone to your LHS laptop? Try this:

Edmodo- If you have the Edmodo app on your phone, you can upload it to your Edmodo. Open the photo, click on the "share" icon and then click on Edmodo. It will go right to your library.

Google-Drive-  If you have the Google-Drive app on your phone, you can upload it! Open the photo, click on the "share" icon and then click on Google-Drive. It will go right to your library.

GMail-  If you have your LondonderryApps Gmail on your phone, you can send your photo to yourself as an attachment. Once you get to your LHS laptop, just open your Gmail. 

Digital Camera-  If you wish, you can take your photos with our classroom digital camera. I will upload these to our Google and share it with the class.  

Nature Links: this site offers beautiful photos of birds, audio files of their songs and specific information for each region of the USA.