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Vocabulary Logs

To create a vocabulary log entry, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to download a vocabulary log. 

Step 2: Upload your log to your Londonderry School District Google Apps account.

Step 3: Name your log as follows (inserting your name and appropriate vocab. builder week where indicated):

 VocabWeek#2_ Jones, Indy 

Step 4:  In the time specified in the syllabus, fill out your vocab. log as indicated in the example below. Words should come from the literary work(s) you are currently reading. Vocabulary logs must include a minimum of ten complete entries/words.

Step 5: At the end of the training week (see syllabus), submit your completed vocabulary log to Mrs. Juster via Edmodo. To do this, write a message and attach your log. 

Vocabulary Log Sample

A vocabulary log includes ten entries - one for each new word. Below is an example of one entry in a log.  

Entry # 1






(noun) A farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground.


I found this word in:  


The Grapes of Wrath

Vocabulary word as it appears in context (include parenthetical citation):


"And pulled behind the disks, the harrows combing with iron teeth so that the little clods broke up and the earth lay smooth" (Steinbeck 49).

visual clue:







Rubric Categories






Vocab. Log


Vocabulary log includes 10 or more fully completed entries.

Vocabulary log includes 8 or more fully completed entries and/or additional  incomplete entries.

Vocabulary log includes 7 or more fully completed entries and/or additional  incomplete entries

Vocabulary log includes 6 or more fully completed entries and/or additional  incomplete entries

Vocabulary log includes less than 6 fully completed entries and/or additional  incomplete entries

Note:In keeping with the LHS Code of Academic Integrity, each vocabulary log must be unique, authentic and original. Logs will be submitted to to ensure orginality. See the LHS Code of Academic Integrity.